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Performance Coach and CEO of Dune

B.Ed. (Drama/English)
M.Mgmt. (Arts and Culture)
Post-grad student – M.Ed. (Int’l School Counseling)

Teacher, Author, Songwriter
Artist, Director, Producer
Coach, Counselor, Compassion Leader
Entrepreneur, Strategist
World Traveler 

I have engaged in the power practices of meditation, self-reflection, personal development and creative process since I was 16. I utilize the same tools and processes with my clients. I consider myself an activist in human potential.

Based in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UK and Canada. I am globally mobile and available to work with clients online and face to face, both individually and in groups.

Additionally, I run group intensives with my team.

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Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

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Coaching Packages and Services
(incl. branding and marketing)

Where do you want to start? Hint: Pick the one that will bring you the most happiness.


Optimize your health, fitness and weight
with a customized plan, coaching and monitoring.

Develop a positive, focused mindset, concentration and resilience utilizing Zen meditation and the tools of Mindful Self-Compassion.

Elevate your financial position and prospects for early retirement with a career and financial review and education to help you plan and act now to achieve financial freedom, regardless of your age.

Do a deep dive into the way you relate to money. 

Learn how to better connect with and relate to others from a place of deep authenticity.

Understand your personality utilizing the Enneagram.

Develop your presentation skills and learn to be more persuasive and confident in professional communications, to grow your business or elevate your career.

Put first things first in all relationships.

Review and clarify your purpose, values and vision. 

Develop and implement a plan for personal and professional success that moves you forward faster.

Develop your professional career with any of the following:

Creative skills and product development, branding, CV, marketing and performance coaching for aspiring professionals, entrepreneurs and artists (ie. photographers, videographers, writers, actors and singers) as well as charities, therapists and NGO’s.

This is the ideal package for ‘creatives and compassionates’ and others seeking to elevate their career fast.

Additional services include social media mgmt., photography, videography and more. 


Full body assessment and a custom plan to heal your body, build strength and capacity, and balance your energy to fuel your passion pursuits. Dune will work with you to effectively target and achieve your physical and lifestyle goals.

The foundation for this is mindset training, medical support and intervention as needed, exercise, healthy diet and rest and rejuvenation.

Get started or ramp up your game and achieve your goals sooner. You don’t need to do this alone. Better if you don’t, actually. 

Reach out to learn more. 


A correct mindset – ie. confident, peaceful, focused mind – in concert with physical optimization ensures that the actions you are taking are effective…because your habits and decisions are. 

Dune adopts a mindset approach to achievement and utilizes the practices of Mindful Self-Compassion, positive psychology, NLP, intuitive thinking and other therapeutic techniques to train you to focus on what is essential and possible rather than what is not. 

Dune will help you to fine-tune your mindset. Specific practices for confidence and focus will provide you a powerful and more self-sustaining way to pursue success. 

Reach out to learn more. 


Money. The dirty word. If you haven’t yet begun to plan for your financial freedom, there is no time like the present to begin. Time is money and non-action is costing you.

What is the vision you have for your life or business? Have you achieved it? Are you ticking off those dreams on your bucket list? 

Dune is not a financial advisory company and we do not sell financial products. We specialize in affordable early conversations, financial education and assessments of your financial goals and options.

We tell you what scams to look out for when it comes to investing and happily refer you to the correct types of qualified financial advisors. We also work with entrepreneurs and SME’s to review financial strategy, budget, cashflow, products, marketing and sales. 

This need not be confusing.  

Reach out to learn more. 


What might be the consequences of putting love at the centre of your actions, personally and professionally? 

The ultimate happiness in life is to work and live in harmony with others for the greater good of us all. 

Dune would be honored to help you examine how better to relate to your loved ones and/or professional peers to cultivate a harmonious life. What is at the heart of the way you relate to others is the way you relate to yourself first.

As Stephen Covey once said, “Be principle centred.”

Reach out to learn more. 


 Purpose. This is at the core of our existential drive to live well and succeed at certain tasks we set for ourselves. 

“The more unlived your life, the greater your death anxiety. The more you fail to experience your life fully, the more you will fear death.” (Irvin D. Yalom)

The same could be said for failure. 

Every stage of life is defined by certain priorities, ‘tasks’ and challenges that one must work through. Who you are at 25 is not who you are at 55. Every contemporary psychotherapist know this. 

Dune is committed to helping our clients achieve inner peace, happiness and dream fulfilment today. 

Reach out to learn more. 


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

“You might be tempted to pigeon hole Lorelei according to a job description, function, department or role. This would be a mistake. You will quickly discover that she is a highly creative individual with a collaborative bias and a network that spans the full range of a wide reaching set of interests and talents that are difficult to pin down with only ten digits. She is both inspired by and inspiring to those that have the good fortune to work with her.”

Andreas Christodoulou

Information Technologist, Teacher, Qatar Foundation

Lorelei is a highly effective coach, whose listening skills are exemplary. She is very insightful and able to guide you to the crux of the issue in a very effective manner. She is both supportive and inspiring and I feel that I have moved beyond any self imposed limitations by working with her.


Educational Leader & Consultant

Full interview on Canadian teacher Nathaniel P’s career counseling process in the Testimonials Page. Nathaniel landed the position of his dreams in a Latin American country where he could achieve his personal and professional goals. 

Nathaniel P.

International Educator based in Latin America

“I needed help, was lost in the world of IT & how to market myself in a career change. I needed a coach, a business consultant to hold my hand. Lorelei Loveridge was the safe pair of hands to guide me through.

I was writing content & collecting photographs for a website as a new therapist. I wanted a fresh, attractive, accessible site that could connect me to my clients easily.

Lorelei very swiftly took my content & created a refreshingly fresh & eye catching website that clients & colleagues continue to access & positively comment on.

It is the go-to site for all new clients & I continue to feel supported & technically advocated for by Lorelei’s compassionate, creative know how.
Sarah Pritchard


more about lorelei, the performer and traveler

Qualifications of a dreamer ‘dune’ things…

Hello! I am a published songwriter, recording artist, performer, world-traveller, teacher, activist, arts manager, coach, consultant, writer, photographer, director of theatre, marketer, and jill-of-all-trades in the wonderful world of performance, art and music making.

I come from a rural area just outside of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I moved to Saudi Arabia in 1996 for 11 years, then launched an album in Europe and began to tour. After six years in England and two in Qatar, I returned to Saudi Arabia in 2015 to teach drama and digital arts/media on the Arabian/Persian Gulf. There is no place I’d rather be than the desert, unless it’s home with family or out in my chosen city of Manchester.

In Sept 2023, I embarked upon a new adventure to start up a theatre arts program in the Gulf state next to Saudi – Kuwait! In total, I have been in the GCC for 21 years, traveling across the region extensively both before and during the current wave of changes underway in Saudi Arabia, which is a beloved part of the world to me. 

My music has been played by radio DJs as far and wide as India, Bhutan, Qatar, Canada, the US, the UK, Denmark, and Greece.

I am passionate about the arts, culture, creativity, business and innovation as well as counseling. My dream client is anyone who has a dream or vision and the will to go after it, no matter what the barriers are. Nothing jazzes me more than helping people find themselves. 

At present, I’m working on a master’s degree in counseling. Because the learning never stops. – Lorelei

Listen to Lorelei’s last album, Bakhoor

International Dream Retreats Team

Meet Dune’s adventure leaders for our annual intensive breakthrough retreats.
Each team leader is highly qualified to deliver an essential part of your change experience.

Lorelei Loveridge, Executive Performance Coach and Creative Leader, Global

Dune Coaching, Global

Director of programs, adventure leader and facilitator of Dune’s custom retreats and adventure tours in the Middle East, UK, Canada and beyond.

Omar Wani, Adventure Leader, Saudi Arabia

Adventure Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Adventure leader and co-facilitator of Dune’s custom retreats and adventure tours in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia

Sarah Pritchard, Performance Coach and Creative Leader, UK

Space2BNatural, UK

Psychotherapist and inner-outer leader and co-facilitator of Dune’s custom retreats and creative experiences in and around the great northern powerhouse Manchester, UK – and beyond.

Space 2 B Natural Creative Counselling & Psychotherapy

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Alun Parry – Liverpool Songwriter

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Manchester Art Factory

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Lorelei Loveridge – International Educator, Songwriter, Entrepreneur, Counselor and Coach

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Compassionate Mess – Podcast and Blog

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Performing Songwriters United Worldwide (PSUW) – Community

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Chorlton Coffee Festival

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Because Drama – Social Media Showcase

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