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Lorelei Loveridge, CEO, Dune

Hello, I’m Lorelei.

I’m the CEO of Dune and a long-time expatriate who has lived in the Middle East and Europe for the majority of my adult life. I left Canada when I was 29. My passions involve the arts, education, creative and humanistic entrepreneurism, and the various ways of helping others.

I have been a teacher, youth worker, and crisis worker for many years, both in Canada and the UK. I further specialized in suicide prevention in the UK, and I am deeply passionate about helping others at both ends of the emotional spectrum – reaching and celebrating the highs of accomplishment and pulling through the lows of life’s unfathomably hard moments.

I am a creative existentialist, which means I particularly find it meaningful to work on creating a meaningful life in the face of life’s challenges. I’ve experienced the ups and downs of life myself, of course. Most of us have ways of resourcing ourselves through these peaks and lows. What I am deeply passionate about is getting to the core of what most brings a person happiness. Hence, I have increasingly committed myself to helping others align their actions with their values to get to the real goal that most of us are aiming for: inner peace and, through that, increased joy. This work for me is a privilege, and I am on the journey as both practitioner and teacher.

Currently, I am a post-graduate student of international school counseling, which is counseling with a focus on multi-cultural clients – students, their families, professionals, and school systems as well as communities. This training explores the ways to avoid bias and assumptions in counseling when applying different techniques and approaches with clients.

Here’s a little bit more about me as an artist, educator, coach, and counselor specialized in working with expatriates, creatives, and travelers on their career and life goals.

Now…imagine yourself at the top of a high mountain, in a total state of peace, looking down over the land as the sun sets.

That was me in 2012 on the top of the largest ‘singing’ dune in Qatar (image above). The sand dunes hum, in fact.

Climbing to great heights or reaching spectacular places through a journey was an adventure I’ve repeated again and again in Saudi Arabia (Edge of the World, Riyadh below) and other parts of the world including the Annapurnas in Nepal and Snowdon in Wales, UK.

The image to the left came from an overland dune-bashing trip to the largest in-land lake in Saudi Arabia near the Qatari border where an unbelievable natural beauty is to be found. The dunes by the lake have a surreal beauty, and the hush of it is otherwise occupied by the respectful murmurs of travelers who have intentionally made their way there to find this special place, photograph it, throw their carpets down, and drink tea into the night. For me, my greatest moments of peace and joy have been found in far-flung Arabian deserts and other majestic places of nature (as well as in some of the world’s greatest cafes – for those urban moments), alone and with others, in community with self, spirit, and each other.

Here’s what I think: If we’re not striving for peace, I don’t know what we’re striving for.

So, my goal is to help you align your values with your life and your life’s work, in order to help you find inner and external sources of peace. The places within and the environments you work in are what inspire your greatest innovations including the innovation of ‘you’. Peace is the goal – the ultimate goal. The companion of peace is joy. Do you agree?

Welcome to the birth of an idea…helping you to reach new personal heights.

As a trained Mindful Self-Compassion teacher, I do not believe people are flawed…only somewhere on their journey. Self-compassion and self care are quite naturally at the root of our work together. Knowing this, my aim to help you get to a self-determined goal or place of inner and outer alignment and well-being, personally and/or professionally.

I custom-design coaching packages that help my clients aim high, though we start with an exquisite focus on what you need today. In the world of theatre-arts, we call this the ‘starting point’. We work together through conversations that target your goals or aims. I do not believe in short-changing this work by putting a time-limit on it up front.. Equally, our process will be efficient and we will move you forward at a pace that is right for you.

A typical one-to-one coaching experience starts at six sessions. I offer individual and group coaching, face-to-face and online. My team and I offer bespoke group packages and events globally.

Get in touch if you think I can help. (No smoke. Only mirrors.)


Dune Coaching. For all journeys.

Let’s get you to where you want to be – your happy place.


Dune Team

Lorelei Loveridge, CEO Dune, Edge of the World, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Omar Wani, Adventure Leader, Saudi Arabia

Sarah Pritchard, Performance Coach, UK