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Business coaching

For all journeys.

Who I Work With?

I coach individuals, business leaders, entrepreneurs and elite artists and performers who have a vision and want to execute – fast. You are ready to take action and break through, and you seek guidance as you prepare to act on a dream, vision, idea, business plan or life change. This may or may not have been prompted by a crisis or the need to avert a crisis.

I have lived and worked in Canada, the Middle East and the UK. My clients have included individuals, professionals and teams from all walks of life including celebrities and royalty. Companies have ranged from 21C knowledge based firms to NGOs and startups.

The Process

We move through five phases together in our coaching process:

  1. Visioning and brainstorming/dream-building
  2. Values and goals clarification
  3. Identifying challenges
  4. Making the plan
  5. Action, accountability and support in dealing with contingencies as you drive your plan forward to succeed.

I provide the tools and and systems that help you increase productivity and efficiency. We measure and calibrate for success, then build upon it.

Why hire me?

Timing is a critical factor to success. Poor timing can result in lost opportunities. What differentiates me from other coaches is that I have nearly twenty years of international experience helping individuals and high-stakes organisations transform in a deliberate, time-controlled way. Often this has required sensitive negotiations with others.

My Approach

  • 6 Month Achievement Cycle

– Two 45-50 minute Skype video calls (or phone) per month
– Unlimited email access
– Follow-up recap document

  • One-Time Achievement Pinpoint Session

-60-90 minute Skype Video Call
-30 days of unlimited email
-Follow-up recap document

  • Custom Organisational Coaching

Need ongoing coaching for you, other executives, and/or staff? I can work with you to develop a custom coaching plan and cycle.

Are you ready for success?

Contact me via I am based in Saudi Arabia and the UK at present.