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How we work with clients

For all journeys.

There are three steps to becoming a Dune client

1. Reach out and have a chat with us about your needs.

You will meet with me – Lorelei – in person or online for a free exploratory session. The purpose of this meeting is so that I can get clear on your needs. Confidentiality, protection of your information, and discretion are guaranteed.

2. Agree to a coaching contract with Dune, with goals and terms to be reviewed in our conversation.

Coaching is custom-designed because every person or project is different.

3. Meet up online or face to face, and engage in the coaching process. Get the results you want.


That’s it. Easy peasy!

Lorelei Loveridge, CEO, Dune • Performance Coach and Director of Programs


On Dune Intensives and Retreats

Power adventure and creativity-based growth retreats are workshops put together by my team and myself to fast-track Dune clients’ success. The work takes advantage of intensive exploration and masterminding using the power of groups.  

These are not part of regular coaching contracts, though they are a potent way to accelerate your learning, decision-making, support and growth.

There is power and synergy in group work. Change happens quickly. If you or a group of your friends or colleagues would like to discuss options for a group workshop, do reach out. We would love to co-create that with you.

Omar Wani, Adventure Leader, Dune

Sarah Pritchard, Psychotherapist and Creative Leader, Dune