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Nathaniel P., International Educator

Ideal Situation:
What challenges or goals prompted you to seek coaching services?

I’ve known Lorelei for many years and I trust her. She’s been in the international teaching scene for as long as I can remember. I knew I could ask her anything and she’d be upfront, honest and steer me in the right direction.

What were your expectations before starting the coaching sessions?

I was expecting Lorelei to give some insight on different schools, websites and databases I could apply to for jobs.

Coaching Experience:
How would you describe your overall coaching experience with me?

Lorelei’s help was invaluable. She not only did the aforementioned items but also went over and above. She coached me for interviews, gave the right questions to ask. I was so ready for the interview for the job I got, I personally felt like it was the best interview of my life. She made sure to give me all the facts, did extra research and made sure that when it came down to it, I was making a good choice. She reviewed every school, made sure I got a fair salary and when negotiations were necessary, she coached me on how to do that.

Key Learnings:
What key insights or learnings did you gain from the coaching sessions?

The main thing I learned was to do all your research and be prepared for your interviews. You’re interviewing them just as much as the schools are interviewing you.

Impact on Personal Growth:
In what ways did the coaching sessions contribute to your personal growth or development?

I felt like I gained a lot of confidence and interviewing skills. I also have a much better sense of how the international education scene works. I know I learned a lot more with Lorelei’s help than I would’ve myself. Or at least I learned it a lot quicker. Moving to the international scene is a very big move in one’s life and should not be undertaken lightly.

Can you share specific achievements or positive changes that resulted from the coaching?

I saw visible improvement from the start of my international interviews to the last few interviews I got. I was nervous in the beginning of my international school interviews but they kept getting better and better. By the last one, my interviewer kept telling me that I had great questions and signed off by saying you’ll be hearing from me.

Communication and Support:
How would you describe my communication style and support throughout the coaching process?

Lorelei is a great communicator. She’s constantly in touch with you and prompt in her responses. She checks-in before and after interviews to help prepare and debrief.

Tailoring to Needs:
Did you feel that the coaching sessions were tailored to your specific needs and goals?

I absolutely did. I told Lorelei that my goals were making a decent salary and learning Spanish. I got a very good paying job in Latin America. Not to mention all the added knowledge and skills I learned along the way.

Results Achieved:
What measurable results or outcomes have you experienced as a result of the coaching?

I got the job I wanted for one. I also felt like I was getting better and better at interviewing and making myself more marketable as our partnership went on.

Would you recommend my services as a life and career coach? If so, why?

I absolutely would. As I said before, making the move to the international education scene is a big move; it’s daunting and there are a lot of factors that you may not think of at the moment. Salary, cost of living, moving costs, are all just to name a few. Having Lorelei as a partner ensures that you’re reminded of all the factors at play. Lorelei knows the international education scene extremely well and you won’t regret having her by your side through the whole process.